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    Franck Benz écrit
    « Yesterday we visited the auberge soultzermatt. were unfortunately not entirely happy how the guests are cheated there. At the table we are informed on request that there is only the daily meal consisting of a starter plate and main course. However, a dessert spoon is included with the stocking. the starter plate was ok. the main course was a bit long in coming. the vegetables were just as overcooked as the mashed potatoes. after clearing, we ordered 2 coffees and waited another 20 minutes for dessert, which was not served. They didn’t respond to our request and served us the bill for 52.50 euros for 2x menu without dessert, 2 coffees and cola. Just 21 eur for the meal without asking for dessert in the quality served is cheeky! We were also partially served by the son, who often had to cough on the food to be served, which he did not only with us. Especially in the pandemic, you should wear a face mask at least when serving, if you have a cough! Unfortunately I cannot recommend this Auberge to anyone! You should point out this assessment to the host so that he can see how he looks to the outside world. »

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